Freitag, 24. April 2009


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Mittwoch, 11. März 2009

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Montag, 9. März 2009

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6 pm in the evening, i went to the gym

uh and there is a very sexy guy, black hair, smooth body and black sportshos with white soks..
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mmh.. uh now there is a lady, taking with him.. *feel a bit jealous*

this was just 2 min. / he get up, uh can see his hard cock in his black sportshorts..
(wanna touch his cock, but may have to wait for shower together)

i follow with my eyes all the time, when he go from maschin to next maschin to training his muscle.. uh and my mind so crazy.. i have to get him..

so i think he can be finish soon.. i order my milk shake and went up to the shower.. it's good time
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